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Yes Doors is family owned and operated with 25+ years experience servicing garage doors in Dallas and surrounding areas. I started as a helper at a large commercial overhead door company while attending high school, learning early. Working on big industrial overhead doors and openers while training with some of the best garage door servicemen in the industry. Working my way up, finally got the opportunity to run my own truck. Being a lead residential technician for over 2 decades provided me with the experience and knowledge to create my own company, providing honest and fair business. In 2012, my wife was laid off from the Corporate office of a nation wide company where she was a Senior Human Resources Assistant for nearly 10 years. Today, with our combined abilities Yes Doors currently has over 600 A+ ratings online and I now have a great opportunity to teach our children a trade that I have learned to master over the years. Yes Doors provides after hours emergency services and free estimates either over the phone or with a scheduled appointment.

Attention Consumers the following is not to discourage you from the garage door industry or from doing business with Sub contracting companies but only to inform you how some door companies run. After my years of experience in door industry I would like to think I understand how the majority of the door companies are running in the Dallas Area.

Did you know that in the garage door industry most of the service technicians that arrive at your house and provide you with service are sub-contractors? Some companies choose to mark up part prices and will require the sub-contractors to purchase these parts from the company. These same parts are used on the jobs and purchased by the customer after already being purchased by the Technician. As a result, the sub-contractors will raise the price of the job to cover their own expenses. This is not to harm the customer but to be able to pay their own bills, after all there is no hourly wage to rely on or gas/ maintenance allowance provided by the company for the sub-contractor vehicle. Salaries are solely based on commissions and tips offered by customers. So in the end, the only one that benefits the mark up is the company. The true independent sub-contractor should be able to purchase their own parts directly from distributor at their cost. This would reduce the cost to the sub-contractor and the customer. It’s all about the big company making money from everyone possible. Being one of the only few industry left that does not required to be licensed they have the ability to make their own rules.

Do you know what a life time warranty really is?? Most companies offer the same basic part at a higher price with a lifetime warranty. A real life time warranty should include an upgraded quality part that will last longer or work better which would justify paying a higher price for your part. There are better parts offered by the distributors that are a higher lifecycle springs and better quality hardware such as rollers that could be offered to you. Instead; these garage door companies choose to offer the cheaper parts for their lifetime warranties, ensuring future business. Why pay the extra cost for nothing extra?

Do you know in order to redeem a warranty offered with these door companies you would have had to retain the original receipt from date of service? This may not be mentioned when purchasing the warranty, leaving it up to the customer to find out later that they may not have a warranty to retain without a receipt. If you can’t find your receipt most companies will not honor the warranty you already paid for and may require you to repurchase the parts to resolve your door issue. All the while they may indeed have a copy of the invoice provided to you originally. If these companies really work with honesty, integrity and dedication to serve their customers why would they not uphold their word when dealing with your warranty issues?

Don’t you think the nonsense needs to stop? These companies should not get away with making all the money while forcing sub-contractors to over pay for materials and overcharging customers to make a fair pay check. It all starts with you the customer. Do your research. Ask questions. Get details on how warranties work. Ask if they are a contracting company. Talk to the technician that shows up at your house for an estimate. Find out these things. Knowing could make all the difference.

This was written by a recently former sub-contractor in the Dallas area.  

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